One of the most fun parts about Airsoft (aside from battles of course) is customizing your guns, putting attachments on in different combinations and finding just what makes your gun uniquely suited for you.  What is your opinion though?  Do some people take it too far?

            On one hand, each attachment does contribute to overall functionality and effectiveness of the gun by enhancing comfort if it is a grip, accuracy if it is a sight or bipod, or... well, I don't exactly need to explain how a flashlight helps.  But each attachment also makes it less likely to be the same as someone else's.

            Personally, I can hardly stand plain old M4's, just because they are so unoriginal and everyone has one.  Yet a RIS M4 with a scope and box mag becomes a SAW and DMR at the same time, and is most likely one of a kind on the field.

            On the other hand, there may be a point where there are just too many attachments that they begin to simply detract from the gun itself.  In my opinion that really just depends on the attachments themselves, not to mention the gun in question.  i.e. a SCAR-L with an AFG, flashlight, bipod, scope, magpul and rail covers would be cool without pushing it too much, whereas if it also had a grenade launcher and a red dot on the scope it would be overkill.  Whether that's a problem or not is a personal matter ;)

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