Performance/Value score formula V.2

    You may know that I already made a formula to determine scientifically "which gun is better, A or B"  Since the scores are universal to all Airsoft guns, you could theoretically find out what is "the best gun" for the price, anyway.

    Well I decided that it wasn't good enough and redid the whole thing, making it over 9,000 times as awesome!  Yay for geekiness!  Also, near the end I figured out something rather entertaining you should read for a good laugh.



There's a lot more upkeep on a website than I thought.
     I've redone the Performance/Value score formula so now I have to go through each review and figure out the new scores for each gun.
     I've also updated the Navigation page with all the new posts.
     I put up a new poll (suggestions for polls would be appreciated)
     I also am writing reviews for the companion blog Blaster Mods and More, not to mention updating the other site.  It's a lot of work.  Don't say I don't work hard for you.  :)