AR&M Performance/Value Scores

     At the end of every review I add the AR&M Performance/Value Score.  So what in the Internet does that mean?


NcStar 3-9 x 40 Scope

     The NCStar 3-9 x 40 scope is an excellent choice when looking for a scope for Airsoft or any other purpose.  And for the price, it is absolutely outstanding.


DE G36 Review

     The spring G36K by Double Eagle is an extremely cost-effective choice when looking for a starter Airsoft gun or simple replica.  But is it worth it?


Crosman Stinger P36 Mod

     This Crosman pistol was a freebie with the Crosman R39.  For fun I did a little mod and added a silencer.

Hicaps vs Midcaps

     Ever since its introduction to the Airsoft world, the high capacity mag has changed the game.  The ability to hold up to 600 rounds in a normal sized magazine is great, particularly with the outstanding RoF some AEG's have.  But does it take the fun out of the game, and are we better off without them?

Crosman R39 Review

Crosman Stinger R39

  This was my first airsoft rifle I ever bought.  Was it worth it?  Read more to find out.

Airsoft Pictures Template

     Here's a template full of Airsoft eye candy.  It's great for printing too ;)

Well P90 Review

     This is my review for the Well P90, an inexpensive LPEG plastic gearbox automatic.