New year, new blog!

It's official this time: I'm merging all of my content from my three previous blogs together into one new blog as of 2016, and you can find everything you love from here and more over at mattwins.blogspot.com

Thanks for the support viewers, look forward to new updates there in the future!


KWC Taurus 24/7 Shooting Demo

          Basic firing demonstration of the KWC Taurus 24/7 spring pistol.  Target is a bottle mounted on PVC pipe at about 50 feet distance. Disregard my bad aim, the pistol is pretty decent :P

Full review of the Taurus pistol with pictures here:


Diamond Tactical 1x32 Red/Green Dot Scope Review

          This Diamond Tactical Red/Green dot is an ACOG styled full metal dot sight with both red and green dots and sights on top.  What's not to love?


           One of the most fun parts about Airsoft (aside from battles of course) is customizing your guns, putting attachments on in different combinations and finding just what makes your gun uniquely suited for you.  What is your opinion though?  Do some people take it too far?

            On one hand, each attachment does contribute to overall functionality and effectiveness of the gun by enhancing comfort if it is a grip, accuracy if it is a sight or bipod, or... well, I don't exactly need to explain how a flashlight helps.  But each attachment also makes it less likely to be the same as someone else's.

            Personally, I can hardly stand plain old M4's, just because they are so unoriginal and everyone has one.  Yet a RIS M4 with a scope and box mag becomes a SAW and DMR at the same time, and is most likely one of a kind on the field.

            On the other hand, there may be a point where there are just too many attachments that they begin to simply detract from the gun itself.  In my opinion that really just depends on the attachments themselves, not to mention the gun in question.  i.e. a SCAR-L with an AFG, flashlight, bipod, scope, magpul and rail covers would be cool without pushing it too much, whereas if it also had a grenade launcher and a red dot on the scope it would be overkill.  Whether that's a problem or not is a personal matter ;)



          I just wanted to share with you readers a site you may have but probably didn't know about, pimpmygun.  It's a neat site where you can put together parts from various guns and tactical accessories to see how they would look.

           It works for a lot of different gun models, though AR-15's have the most parts by far.  Below are some designs that I made using this site.

        I based all mine off M4's simply because of the wide variety of customization, and the fact that I'm getting an M4 RIS for Christmas ;)   Let me know what you think, and try out the site yourself!

Black Friday Deals

So what did you get this Black Friday?

I found many of the best deals were on AirsoftMegastore.com, some of which are still going on.  I bought:

  • A midcap AK mag for $2
  • An extended hicap M4 mag for $8
  • An M14 rail mount for $15
  • A Diamond Tactical 1x32 ACOG for $37
  • A JG BAR-10 for $50
  • And a free spring MP40

So here's the math on how much I saved:

  • The AK mag was normally around $15  -  An awesome $13 savings
  • The M4 mag was half off - normally around $20  -  $8 savings
  • The M14 mount wasn't on sale but on Amazon is $30  -  $15 savings
  • The ACOG was 38% off normally $60  -  $23 savings
  • The BAR-10 was an amazing half off  -  $50 savings
  • The MP40 was free  -  $20 savings
That adds up to $129 savings - that's more saved than I spent!  I only wish I hadn't missed out on $0.01 TSD BB's and $0.05 MagPuls, but I really can't complain :)   Thanks Airsoft Megastore!


Accuracy tests

     Following the completion of this target, I decided to use it to do accuracy tests on various AEGs. These include the JG G3, CYMA AK-47 and CYMA M14.

JG G3 (short model)

CYMA CM.028 AK47



Airsoft Targets

          While the most fun in Airsoft comes from going to battle with your friends, or anyone else, "plinking" in your backyard is also a fun way to shoot Airsoft, whether just taking a new gun out to see how it performs, sighting it in, testing accuracy, or just shooting targets for fun.  

          There are many ways to do this, most of the varieties relying on your target.  Shooting an interactive target is much more fun than just aiming at trees, which is why enjoying target practice relies so much on what target you are using.  

          Rather than buying any targets, few of which seemed worthwhile anyway, I made a multitude of different targets and tried them all.  Read more to find out about many of the targets I made for a few dollars each, which you can make from cheap, easily accessible materials.