JG G3 Review

     At $140 the JG G3 is a reasonably affordable gun by a decent brand.  But how good is is, and can it compare to the other AEG's in its price range?


The Bottom Line

     I've decided to add a new section to all my review posts called the Bottom Line.  The purpose is to provide a standardized summary for all my reviews that allows all readers to summarize all my ramblings into a concise approximation (getting carried away with the vocabulary again) of a blasters abilities and value.


UTG Red Dot Sight

     This red dot made by UTG is pretty much the rock bottom price for Airsoft red dots.  But is it worth the low price?

M14 MagPul

     As an experiment I made my own MagPul to see how they worked for reloading faster.  I made this one out of duct tape for my Cyma CM032 M14 (review soon) and it works pretty well.